Writing Portfolio

Here are some examples of my writing for The Telegraph of Nashua, N.H., The Cabinet of Milford, N.H., and other publications.

Does celebrity stumping matter?

 Sure, landing an endorsement from Judd Gregg or Paul Hodes may matter to some New Hampshire voters. Ditto for the nod from the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers or the U.S. Airport and Seaport Police. But what of Ron Silver or “Big” Kenny Alphin? More

Ice storm brings community together

In the wake of the devastating ice storm and back-to-back blizzards that rocked the state over the past two weeks, we’ve seen several news reports of burglaries, profiteering and bad behavior. This editorial isn’t about them. More

Don’t look now, but Patriots are on the verge of history

The Egyptians of the Middle Kingdom, the Meiji Dynasty in Japan, the Montreal Canadiens, the House of Windsor in England, the International House of Pancakes. Dynasties are a fact of life. More

Reviewing the UK’s coverage of the presidential primaries

I don’t normally look to the UK for coverage of the New Hampshire presidential primary. After all, when former President Bill Clinton is campaigning for his wife at the high school across the street from my home – as he did on Saturday – I can rely on my own eyes and ears. However, a peek at the online coverage of the primary by several major British news was a worthwhile experience. More

Ex-POW opens up about WWII

Steve Raymond spent more than three years in hell, and, 60 years later, he’s lived to tell about it. “Too Dead to Die: A Memoir of Bataan and Beyond,” Raymond’s tale of his life as a prisoner of war from early 1942 until the close of World War II, is a remarkably candid book that captures the primitive conditions and brutal treatment American servicemen suffered at the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army. More

A healthy first step in NH

It’s nice to be first. New Hampshire added another first to its resume this week, becoming the first state in the nation to provide girls age 11 to 18 with free vaccinations of a newly approved drug that could protect them against some forms of cervical cancer. More


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