What they are saying …

“Marty is an outstanding thinker and idea person. Easily one of the most creative managers I’ve worked with, Marty also brings a concerned and understanding style to his employees. He is tasked-oriented, cares greatly about improvement and is highly analytical.” – Company President

“Marty Karlon is quite simply the best manager I ever had in the news business. He understands very clearly that harnessing people’s passion is not the same as simply managing employees, and that the former style yields the best results. He hires people he trusts to make their own decisions and then empowers them to do exactly that. He offers constructive criticism when your work misses the mark a bit and compliments a job well done.” – Former Employee

“Marty functioned well as a leader, and worked effectively under the direction of other leaders. He offered innovative ideas for the greater good of our organization, as he was able to see beyond the wall often established within news organizations between editorial and advertising.” – Former Colleague

“Marty has won a gazillion journalism awards over the years, but no trophy can capture the intangibles he brings to the workplace. A newspaper is an INSANE place to work. It attracts huge egos, loose cannons and many fiercely independent souls who aren’t always open to constructive criticism. Marty manages all kinds of personalities with the flair of a diplomat, but a tough diplomat that actually resolves problems.” – Former Employee

“I worked with Marty in several capacities over the years, variously reporting to him, working alongside him, and managing people who also reported to him. Three things make him invaluable: He picks up new skills quickly; he is clear and consistent in both his requests and his demands; he is probably the funniest person I know but knows when to be serious.” – Former Colleague

For more references, check out my LinkedIn page.
A list of contact information for references and copies of formal reference letters are also available upon request.


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